Karl L. Rubinstein, attorney & counselor
(and author)
Welcome to Karl Rubinstein's Web Page. 

My motto: An Idle Mind Is A Poor Companion 

For my professional experience and qualifications as an attorney, please access: www.insurance-solutions.us

I also write legal-thriller novels as "Jackson Bass."  Hard Numbers explores financial manipulation in the face of the market crash. The Norton Case explores greed and political chicanery. For more detail see, www.jacksonbass.net

Short Fiction:
My short story "Sparks", winner of the Wisconsin Writer's Association "Jade Ring" Contest in Adult Fiction can be found at Page 2, above.

Legal Articles of Possible Interest:
*  "The Legal Standing of an Insurance Insolvency Receiver: When the Shoe Doesn't Fit"

* "How the Office of National Insurance Act of 2010 Threatens State Insurance Regulation" 

*How Dodd-Frank Undermines Reinsurance and Endangers American Policyholders"


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